All photos by Jin Panji /  @jinpanji

All photos by Jin Panji / @jinpanji


Indonesian artists respond to recent bombing and reclaim their streets

June, 2017

In the wake of the devastating terror attacks in East Jakarta, May 2017, a group of local Indonesian artists decided to take action and reclaim Jakarta as a city of peace, hope and resilience.

Artists Media Legal. Nur, Robowobo, dan Wacky, and Aryo Dewa Bharata, created eight large-scale artworks to spread the message that Jakarta stands united against acts of terrorism.

The 'Reclaim: Jakarta' project was made possible by the unwavering efforts of global arts initiative Micro Galleries, and through a number of international sponsors and a global crowdfunding campaign which commissioned the artists and paid for materials. Underground Disruptors is proud to have been one of these international sponsors. 

Micro Galleries’ global artistic director Kat Roma Greer believes the concept Reclaim: Jakarta received fast support because the wider arts community saw the importance of making an immediate statement against the extreme intolerance seen recently in Jakarta, a place known throughout the world previously for its religious and social pluralism.

"We were overwhelmed by the financial support we received so quickly, but we knew our international community would pull together to help our Indonesian artist friends show the world that Jakarta and its people will not be ruled by fear or extremism," Kat said.

The artworks cover walls around the Pejompongan area near Senayan, Underpass Duku Atas, Gembrong Market bypass, and Pemuda Street in Rawamangun, near Universitas Nasional Jakarta.

For more information, visit Micro Galleries

 By Robowobo /  @robowobo

By Robowobo / @robowobo

 By Dan Wacky /  @wacky.ok

By Dan Wacky / @wacky.ok

 By Robowobo /  @robowobo  and Ary Dew Bharata /  @aryodb

By Robowobo / @robowobo and Ary Dew Bharata / @aryodb

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